Friday, January 22, 2010

Ipod Worthy: Dominique Larue

If you took my advice (like you should have) on the previous post and downloaded that Usual Suspects: Flight 614 Mixtape (which still can be downloaded HERE, you would have heard "Dope Shit," one of the hottest tracks on the mixtape by Dominique LaRue. Once I heard this track I knew I wanted to hear more. In hip hop, dont know if you noticed, but some artist can get away with ONE hot song and before I decided to give her that go ahead, I hit her up to see if she had any more tracks I could listen to, just to make sure I wasn't hyping her up for no reason. After a little lurking and searching around twitter, I ran into dlaruemusic.

She then hit me with this:

After going through these 17 tracks on End of Regulation, I can say that she did not let me down AT ALL.
You can downloaded Dub MD & Dominique Larue presents End of Regulation HERE

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