Sunday, January 24, 2010

What in dee FCUK is a #CMOC?

Over the last few days on Twitter, you've probably seen me or any the other associates who are a part of this movement tweet #CMOC (example)which stands for Chilled Milk Of Choice. CMOC is the latest poject I have been working on. I kinda hinted on this mixtape as far back as May of 09, yeah, you dont have to say it, been pushed back more that Dre's DETOX.
However, I am glad to say it's a couple more tracks and a few features away from completion!
For some reason over the last two weeks, I've been coming up with some of the NICEST tracks, not saying that I'm usually not nice, but juknow. So I'm kinda glad I pushed this mixtape back so you could hear them all on one cd, instead of a leak here and there.
With the mixtape only 20% away from being finished, look for a late Feb/early March release. You can find two of the tracks from the mixtape on this site as well.
Once again, thanks for the support!

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