Wednesday, April 14, 2010

go DJ...

Yea yea yea, I know you hear all the stories of this dj is the best, and this dj GOES IN, and this DJ is the hottest.. WHATEVA! I've listened to a lot of djs, club in and club out and most of them do the same mix same same same...

So honestly, when this guy, Reality The Don told me he was a dj, I was like "ooooh, ok you just SPIN RECORD (shout out to Dolla Bill & Kid Capri)" that was UNTIL I heard him DO WORK.

So I was so estatic when he posted a mix for people to hear his work. I didn't even ask, I just snatched the link my damn self so you all could hear it. Please believe, dude gets busy.

Check out a few of his mixes below.

Oh yeah, he also spits too! Video coming soon!

Until then, you can cop his latest mix RIGHT HERE

And oh yeah, he comes fresh outta that YHGM camp as well. Shouts out to Mark Milly.

Scream at Reality The Don on Twitter for all your dj needs. Tell him Mac sent ya!

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