Wednesday, April 28, 2010

B.O.B. presents
The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.O.B. dropped his debut album this past Tuesday, May 27th. This was one album I was looking forward to, mostly because Bobby reminds me of Andre 3K (which is one of my top five rappers) and since he has been away for a minute, Bee Ray fills this void. The album starts off dope as you would expect and gets better the more I listened to it.

There were even a few songs that I quickly went back and listened to before I even finished the whole project. There are a few features as well. "Past My Shades" ft. Lupe Fiasco is an instant classic. The KING also steps in on a couple tracks and holds his own.

Surprisingly my favorite tracks are those which B.O.B. handles himself. The ones where he's singing and just going into his own world of some sort.

Dont Let Me Fall, which is below is probably my favorite track on the cd.

This cd is most definitely worth the price of purchase. I havent purchased a lot of cds but this is one I'm glad I spent a few bucks on. He deserves it.
You can cop this album from iTunes.

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