Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mixtape Thursday..
presented by DJ LASER

Just like everyone else I've ran into over the last few years, Dj LASER and I met through twitter. After seeing his name on my timeline a few times, I had to get to know this guy and what exactly had everyone talking about #MixtapeThursday. After visiting his site I realized what all the talk was about.

Laser is a VET in the game with a mixtape catalog like no other. While a lot of people had went away from mixtapes, he is one who has embraced the hip hop culture by steady providing some of the hottest mixtapes after mixtape year in and year out.

Mixtape Thursday is his way of showing the world whats hot, what the people want, and who are doing what. Another thing I like about his segments is that he doesn't play favors. If its hot, he adds it to the mix.

Check out DJ LASERS latest Mixtape Thursday Mix HERE.
Also check back for today's segment as well.

You can follow DJ LASER on Twitter as well. Tell him I sent ya.

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