Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IPOD WORTHY x Arrogant Empire
Champagne On A B*TCH

A few weeks ago while attending this cookout in Baltimore (shout outs to FuzeB & the #CookoutCrashers) I ran across this movement, known as The Arrogant Empire. Yeah, I know, I like that name as well. Here is where I met Pot. Dude was very cool peeps and he put me onto his blog. I've been checking up on it lately and yesterday a NEW joint was posted called "Champagne on a Bitch."

Check out the track for yourself.

You can also cop the track HERE, I know you want it.

Also follow Pot on TWITTER.
Tell him Mac sent ya!


  1. Yo Good looking bro!!Dope ass blog too! Soon as I figure out how to subscribe I will Lol

  2. This song is crazy...didnt know they made music like that in Bmore