Thursday, April 15, 2010

C'mere Lemme Coach You..


Need I say more? Ask anyone down south who frequently visits the club scene and they will tell you once a NOLA MIX comes on, it GOES DOWN. Weaves usually get sweated out, ass is thrown, and those guys who can not keep up usually gets embarrassed!

My guy Kujho has been grinding hard as ever. Even when I went to school with him at the University of Southern Miss back in 2004. It's really good to see the progress and determination that he has shown.

A few weeks ago he released two NOLA MIXES after popular demand and YES, I was all on them. Being up top, you rarely ever get to hear music like this so it was just what I needed.

Check out the first:

Download this mix here.

Exactly. You're welcome.

You can also listen and download the second mix here.

Follow Kujho on Twitter. Tell him I sent you.

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