Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DJ Heat Remembers When..

Call me nerdy, geeky, weird or whatever but as a fan of hip hop, I love when artist, djs, or even producers get in their zone on twitter and flashback and tell their story. Maybe I'm the only one who likes reading where others have come from. If so, well let me be. Its just shows how far someone has come and I think that's a great thing that you get to see now that Twitter is here.

A few days ago, one of my favorite DJs from the DMV area sent a few messages about things she remembered as she started DJing, and also a few tidbits about others who she has noticed along the way.

Being that I'm from Mississippi, there's a whoooole lot I'm not familiar with about DC music altogether. So this was something I was very interested in reading. I told her she needs to do more and she said "Maybe" so we'll see. Haha

Here are some tweets from April 22, 1010 that I like to call
"Dj Heat Remembers"

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Check out her blog DC MUMBO SAUCE as well.
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