Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lyriciss x Brokn.English x Emperess
2 Dope Radio Cypher

Ahite, fresh off my vacay I come back to find NEW music has hit the innanets. You and I both know it's nothing like a cypher. Nothing like the raw form of hip hop, this is where talent is exposed and you see the artist for who he or she really is.

2DopeBoyz has started a special segment called 2Dope Radio, which broadcasts every Saturday. You should check it out.

This past weekend Lyriciss stepped up to the cypher along with Emperess (another DMV artist), and the Jersey based group Brokn.English.

Check them out on the link below:

Lyriciss x Brokn.English x Emperess 2Dope Radio Cypher

You can also follow these artists on Twitter.

Fat shouts 2DopeBoyz

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