Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Upgrade Your Life

Guess what comes out tomorrow!
Yes, the Nike Air Max 2 CB 94s are being re-released tomorrow. This shoe is probably in my top 10 list of shoes (Jordans not included). I have copped these shoes twice, once back when they FIRST dropped and a few years ago when they were re-released THEN. Will I cop again tomorrow? Eeehhh, really not sure. If they are still around by this weekend, I probably will. They're only going for $120 so who knows.


  1. I had a pair of CB shoes back in middle school. Used to love those shoes!!

    Are you a sneaker head?

    I want a pair of Jordan XI (black and white or red and black playoff edition).

  2. Yes of course. I've stopped buying recently, but yes I use to be addicted to kicks as well lol. I'm waiting on the Grapes (Jordan V) to be re-released and that's about it.