Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Lebron will be the next Kobe

See that message above? Yes, this is not the Lebron James we are use to seeing but it's the one we need to get use to, and even myself, who is NOT the biggest Lebron fan, likes where this is going. I will tell you why I say LEBRON WILL BE THE NEXT KOBE.

This upcoming NBA season will be the ONLY season that Lebron James starts where he is NOT the fan favorite. Multiple years of high school domination on top of 7 years of top notch plays and stats in Cleveland, this guy was in a position to be the next Brett Favre, meaning he could have the league at his disposal if he wanted to by the time he retired.

Outside of that once incident where he didn't shake any hands after the playoff loss to the Magic, Lebron has seemed like he could do no wrong, until The Decision aired. After that poorly thought of plan to announced where he was ''taken his talents to South Beach," Lebron stepped into a realm which he has never seen before.

Day after day, week after week, everyone had something to say about Lebron, but this time it wasn't all positive. Mostly negative. Barkley chimed in, Magic had a word to say, even the greatest, Michael Jordan gave his opinion. Also, with the new technology of today, Twitter has given fans one on once access to LeBron and you can bet that over 60% of his replies are negative.

Yesterday LeBron spoke out. Which is something I have been waiting for this guy to do for some time but with him trying to be Mr. Lovable, he never wanted to ruin his image, but this is what you have to do sometimes. This is one of the reasons Kobe Bryant is the most hated in the NBA. Outside of the whining of course, people don't like Kobe's 'fuck whatchu heard, I'm here to WIN' attitude but that's how you have to be.

With saying that, I say this, LeBron will win multiple championships (i assume). He will be disliked by many because of some of the decisions he has chosen. After winning a few championships, many people will say 'He couldn't win without Dwayne Wade.' Sounds familiar? Yes, he will be the next Kobe Bryant. As a Kobe fan, I can't wait to see how the LeBron fans feel when guys are hating him for being the best player in the league, kinda like they do my boy KOBE now.



  1. Do you have any Kobe shoes (zoom iv or v)?? They are the best basketball shoes I've ever had.

    I don't buy the "he couldn't do it alone argument." It's hogwash. No one can do it alone and at the end of the day, a championship is a championship. With that being said, I don't think LBJ is the next Kobe because....

    Kobe wins, no matter the cost. He's got a "killer instinct" and he doesn't care who he steps on to get the W or what anyone thinks about how he conducts his business. I'm not sure Lebron possesses that quality (and he may never have it). Lebron wants to be loved, he wants the great image.

    So LBJ isn't the next Kobe, IMO, but does it matter now that he has Wade & Co.? Now LBJ can win championships w/out being "the man" and at the end of the day, isn't it all about the rings?

  2. As much as I can't stand Kobe, Lebron will NEVER, yes I said never reach that level. He will be lucky to see one championship in his career. He's all fluff and no substance.

  3. WOW, I mean come on Deejai, with these conspiracy theorist in the NBA, you know they're gonna get LBJ a ring sooner or later lol

  4. Yeah true JMach, I know he wont be the next Kobe in that sense, just in the sense that he's gonna have a lot of people against him now when he was use to no hate at all before.
    But yeah you're most def right on the rings part!

  5. Main 2 things:

    1. F*ck Kobe
    2. F*ck Lebron

    Both of these arrogant pricks need a lesson in humility! Not the greatest, never will be...not saying they don't have talent (well at least Kobe). But with some basketball fans, like myself, my overall opinion of you are greatly diminished when I see some of the things they do outside those 48 minutes.

    And Lebron ain't winning shit!