Monday, August 9, 2010

My Three Day Hiatus: explained

A few days ago the tweet above popped up, followed maybe 30 minutes later with the one below:

Some people didn't know what I meant. Some thought it was a subliminal shot but it wasn't. The reason was because after my trusty Blackberry Tour died on me, I was forced to cop a "for the moment" cell until Friday.

Meet. The. Samsung. Seek.

You know when Kanye says "They say the best things in life are FREE," don't believe that. I can not begin to describe the inability of this phones function. Really, I can't. However; it did have a MEAN MYSPACE APP. I actually logged in and caught up on a few messages and comments I've missed out on since 2007. Other than that, this phone gets no love.

Two thumbs down, Siskel & Ebert

I am glad to say I'm back with the Blackberry, equipped with TRACKPAD this time and thank you all for the jokes, you twiggas are the worse!

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