Monday, August 16, 2010

Fellas, it's time you switch it up

Whether you find it hard to believer or not, the old days of dating are gone. You know the ones, the regular "dinner/movie/back to the crib" dates, yeah, THOSE. Those are history. Well let me rephrase that, those are for the teenagers. I have to admit, it's something about us fellas, the laziness inside us that sometimes just want to settle for the ordinary. Nowadays, the ordinary doesn't cut it. If you are still getting a woman, Teddy Bears and Millionaires for her birthday, Valentines, Christmas, etc, then this post is for you!

What I have grown to learn is that women love surprises. We all know women love to talk to other women and it's nothing they would like to share more than telling them about something YOU did that was special. This is where the laziness inside us needs to be overtaken. Replace the laziness with effort. Below I will tell you a few things that are different but at the same time, simple and would really get you MAJOR COOL POINTS (yes, I did just use cool points) with the lady you are trying to get in bed with know a little better.

For one, lunch and dinner are always cool BUT a picnic is better. We all know we're on a budget at these times, so nothing fancy. Don't try to go recreate something you've seen Brad Pitt do in the movies. Keep it simple. All you need is a blanket (trust me, she wouldn't care), a few sandwiches that you don't even have to make, they could be bought, a laptop or ipod for music, and a few pillows if necessary. Make sure you scope out the spot first to make sure it's not infiltrated with kids or killer bees etc. This is only to be done once or twice. It will most definitely be one she wouldn't forget.

The Sunset

Ok before I go on this, I know EVERYONE is not able to get to the sunset on the beach. Cool. If you can even find a sunset that sets behind some trees, that still would be a plus. This is for the ladies who appreciate the smaller things. Let me clarify, some people you just can't take to certain places. You know who you are, but this is one of the most simplest dates you can go on and still be very nice to remember. Below is a picture I took a few months ago. Check it out.

These are just two of a few things you can do to switch it up every now and then instead of putting women through the same ol same ol. I'm sure these two are old to you as well. You're probably taking chicks to the moon and all that, cool. But for those others, just try these and see what kind of response you receive.



  1. ooohhh you tell em Mac Man! We still like the ordinary but step it up from time to time with surprises :)

  2. Hmm, I kinda figured that. Thanks :)

  3. I like the suggestions. The beach is a great spot.