Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast:
Episode 54.

I have to admit. I've been holding out on you all for a few weeks. I apologize but let me explain. A few weeks ago I was put onto The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast while listening to #YeahRightRadio. The first show I heard was HEELARRYUSS I must admit. I wanted to hear a few more before I co-signed with the site. So after hearing the next couple, I must say that this podcast is most definitely one of, if not THEEE funniest podcast I subscibe to at the moment.

Rodimusprime and SayDatAgain are the voices you will hear once you tune in. They share views along with others (callers, co-hosts, fans, etc) on everything that is happening in the world today. The thing I like about this podcast is that it's REAL. Since I've been listening, it's been very interesting to hear them talk about everything from the takeover of Wal-Mart to the HOTNESS of one Brian Pumper.

Trust me, all it takes is one listen and you two will quickly become a fan. I have included their latest show below. Click the play button to get a feeling of what you have been missing.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast: Episode 54 - The N Word.

There are many ways to engage in the show. You can listen and leave comments on their PodOmatic, you can email the show at, and you can also call and leave a voicemail by dialing (704)557-0186 (They don't answer live calls, don't take it personal).

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