Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upgrade Your Life:

This morning in the wee hours of Tuesday, August 31st, I was blessed the updated version of SocialScope. Usually when I get these updates, there are not MANY things that stand out as being different but on this one, there are a FEW things that I like.

You now have the option of receiving your @replies and DMs in your regular SMS inbox. This may be helpful if your application is running down your battery and you still just want to see what's going on on twitter.

This mute feature has been around for a while now on different applications. Ubertwitter even has a MUTE feature which is pretty nice. I don't use Ubertwitter enough to know if it's the same but what I like about this feature is that you can choose WHAT YOU WANT TO MUTE. You can mute PEOPLE, HASHTAGS, and even specific tweets as in FORMSPRING and TWITTASCOPES!!!! This just made twitter much better.

For those who don't have SocialScope as of yet, follow them on twitter in hopes of getting an invite on #SocialSunday

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