Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Overheard: "Im not trying to be THAT kind of friend!"

A few nights ago I hit up this event at the Expo hosted by the lovely Nekya Badd. Nice crowd, nice music, upstairs was a little heated but I blame myself mostly for wearing the long-sleeved button up (but i was trying to kill em, let me make it) but for the most part, it was a very nice event. As @DeeWoodz and I started finagling with the ladies and making fools out of ourselves, time started flying and drinks started pouring.

Anyway, let me get to the point. While downstairs, I heard a conversation that went like this:

Guy: "So I'm just trying to get to know ya, maybe we could hang out sometimes."
Gal: "That's sounds nice, what are you looking for?"
Guy: "Well, you know? Maybe we could be friends, you never know."
Gal: *Eye brows slanted, fierce face* "I'm not trying to be THAT kinda friend!!"

Now this is what through me for a loop. Where did that come from? Yes, I know what type of 'friend' she is talking about but why did she think that was the type that HE was talking about? Maybe he was but hey, wait until he pulls his PEEN out or something before you already expect this guy is trying to get some ASS.

Maybe he wanted to start out as friends first. Platonic you know? Something wrong with that? Every time one these situations occur, I always think of R.Kelly's song 'One Man' where he sings "One man can make one woman hate all men."

Does this really still apply? Do women carry over feelings from the last relationship into the new one (I call that 'Carrying the One' you know, like in math class? Nevermind) If this is true, some of us are already in the negative from the get-go. Please tell me I'm wrong.

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  1. It's not about carrying feelings over. Let's be honest he approached her for a reason: he liked what he saw. He's not trying to be her buddy. He's trying to get to know her as a man attracted to a woman would. She asked what his intentions were to see if he wanted to get to know her (date maybe more) or become friends (hit it). A guy rarely says I just want to fuck so he'll say let's be 'friends'. She's thinking that she's already accumulated all her real friends in school. In short her 'im not trying to be that friend' means cut the bullshit