Saturday, June 26, 2010

Upgrade Your Life: Ubertwitter

A new version (.0974) of Ubertwitter was released earlier and a few people on the innanets went crazy. I myself, am an avid user of SocialScope but for those who do not have SS, Ubertwitter is most definitely the next best Twitter application for the BlackBerry. Yeah, Twitter for the Blackberry is cool and all but Ubertwitter has way more features.
For those of you who had the last version of Ubertwitter, you may notice a few changes.

Take it from @DontHateBeHated, these are some new features that may be worth checking out. The mute option seems like the best feature to me, especially when some people start going crazy on the most ridiculous trending topics.

Check it out.

You can download the new version of Ubertwitter from your Blackberry here.

Or by typing in your mobile web browser.

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