Saturday, June 5, 2010

Freddie Mac mixtapes..

We've decided to post ALL the mixtapes at once to get you all caught up on the latest and greatest Freddie Mac verses up to date. Besides working on other projects with artist from the East Coast, Dirty South, and West Coast, he has put out FOUR mixtapes this last year that we think are worth the 2 minutes it takes to download.

In June of 2009 he, along with DJ Sporadik released 'More Than a Remix'
On this mixtape he added verses to some of the hottest songs of the summer. Some of which included Trey Song's 'I Need A Girl,' Jeremiah's 'Birthday Sex,' and Jadakiss ft OJ da Juiceman's 'He's Not Real' just to name a few.
You Can Download More than a Remix HERE!

After a few months of listening to the streets, the people said they needed more bounce music. That down south club type music. Being FROM Mississippi, this kind of music was easy to provide. A few weeks in the studio and 'Back To 811 Timothy Lane' was released in

Novemember. Ranging from club bangers to

dance songs, this mixtape was most definitely for

the CLUB. This one is a must have as well,

especially for those days and nights when you

want to let get loose and go all out.
Download 'Back to 811 Timothy Lane' here.

What seems like forever and a day later, in March of this year he released the much anticipated 'Chilled Milk of Choice' which some has said to have been his best release overall up to date.

This project showed the versatility and talent of Mac a song writer and overall artist. Showing that he could switch his style up and adapt to any kind of beat also working with some of the most talented artist you can find. This mixtape included features from Megan D, Trav Dave, Willy Dope, and Six Deuce to name a few.
Listen and Download CMOC Here.

Many of you who know Freddie Mac, either by way of life or even by twitter, knows he is as humble as they come. Very appreciative and always gives thanks. His latest project was just that. A thank you mixtape entitled, what else, 'Thank You All: The Appreciation Mixtape.'

This was a collection of studio moments, outtakes, freestyles, and even some new unheard tracks all combined and released just for the fact that you all had showed interest and enjoyed the music he has released so far.

Download Thank You All: The Appreciation Project

Now you should be completely caught up on all of Freddie Mac's music. New things will be coming this summer and we want you to be apart of it, so stay tuned to the blog and feel free to follow on twitter at @imfreddiemac.

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