Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nicole Schrezinger covers MAXIM, July.

Spotted this while I was at the workplace last night and I immediately put her in my Top 10 women list (which is coming soon). Maybe it was too soon, but I think the wet t-shirt photo had a little to do with it. Then again, after seeing some of the other pics inside, maybe not. You decide!

Ok, maybe not Top 10, when I come to think of it she's not the cutest thing walking down the street. Top 20 will suffice. She had a few interesting things to say in the article as well. She admits to having a "girl crush" on Halle Berry. Knowing how much of a freak Halle is, I'm sure we'll see these two kiss in the near future. I am waiting on that moment as well!

You can check out the Maxim article in its entirety here.


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