Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jail.. good look or bad look for rappers?

There once was a time in this hip hop era when having TALENT and a gift of rapping had you on your way to star status. Somewhere over last decade and a little before, rappers buzz started being on the level of thugness you could show, and JAIL was a major factor. This however doesn't work for everyone, but for some, being locked up behind bars for 6-12 months have been the best thing that could happen to a career, next to being placed on a 'WOW:Now thats what I call music project.'

Take Gucci Mane La Flare.
After Gucci spent some time in the joint, his buzz was big as ever. He had a few tracks before he was locked behind bars but cats really paid him no attention from what I could see. As his time came closer to being served, what I would describe as Gucci-Mania took place. Every song released by this guy was a classic club banger. From sold out shows to packed concerts, Gucci even became listed No. 6 on MTV's list of the hottest rappers. In this case, jail was a GREAT LOOK for the rapper.

However things don't always pan out this way just from doing a little time in the bing. Take Lil Kim for example. After doing his year and a day, she was released to many welcome homes but not many head nods to her music at all since then. Even lately she has been spotted taking shots at Nicki Minaj, stating that she needs to pay homage to her. Tough luck, make a hit or shut up.

Another mishap from jail recently and one of THEE MOST sadest situations would have to be Shyne. Yes, Mr. Jamal Barrow himself. Once labeled as the NEXT Biggie. After serving time upstate for being Diddy's "throw on me" guy, he returned to the states, for a brief moment before being deported, and got right back to the music. Only thing is now everything he released has been HORRIBLE. What happened to this guy? What happened to these two and Im sure their are others.

We are now in the wake of other rappers who are getting out of jail. T.I. for one, Mystikal another. Lil Wayne a lil later this year. What do you think will become of their POST-Jail careers? Better or worse than when they went in? If you ask me, jail isn't worth the buzz. I've never been but I've heard stories, haha!

Keep those bars, I'm good with mine!

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  1. Im thinking T.I is gonna be the best post jail rapper.