Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jumpoffs are people too, arent they?

Yesterday evening a couple friends and I had a discussion via BBM (this happens often so you might wanna join). A little confusion was erupting about the difference between jumpoffs and sidechicks. One of the main points we discovered were that jumpoffs could care less if you had a #mainchick or not.
However; sidechicks most often KNEW you had a #mainchick but at the same time wasn't trying to get that thrown in their faces 24/7.
To a surprise to some, Rob Hollywood broke down the different types of females as well. Here's a screenshot:

Also another very important finding we came across was that with sidechicks, there is a 'Hassle-Free Clause,' which is described below:

But at the end of the convo we all agreed that a female you just have sex with cannot be considered a jumpoff, mainly because you BOTH are benefiting from the 'jumpness (not sure if that's a word or not but you kno)'

So boys and girls there you have it. Jumpoffs need love too. Your take?

And shout out to the TWEETERS who were involved.

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