Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why I agree with Albert Haynesworth
and YOU should too

Over the past few weeks I haven't been able to escape this story, especially living in the DC Metropolitan Area. We've all heard the story on how Albert has missed OTAs and is now declaring that he wants to be traded, mostly because the defense scheme has changed to a 3-4 instead of the 4-3 that he's comfortable with. Adding the fact that he played like COMPLETE GARBAGE last year, it really doesn't help that more than a week ago he collected a check from 21 more MILLION DOLLARS.

Alot of people have spoke out about how selfish this act was. Some coaches, radio personalities also criticized Albert for acting in such a manner. The latest came yesterday from teammate, Lorenzo Alexander, who says, "To me, it comes across as being very selfish. You've been paid to play football, not a 4-3, not a 3-4, just football."

Now this is where I come in with my own opinion, but who am I? To me, Albert WAS paid to play with a certain defensive scheme. He directly told his agent when negotiating contracts, "I do not want to go to a team that plays 3-4!" That is what his agent sought after. Snyder however; came and through all this money at Haynesworth and said "Yes" to everything Albert wanted as long as he signed with the Redskins. I agree that was an AWFUL contract, but then again, how many of us would turn down 100M?

With saying that, I say this. He was paid to play a certain position, in a certain defense. Now that things have changed, is it wrong for him to feel as he wants to opt out? I don't think so. If I was contracted for three years to be the manager of McDonalds and upon the second year they moved me to 'MOP DUTY,' Im going, "Heeeey, something's not right here. I want OUT!" Sure you would do the same or I would hope.

Sally Jenkins, Washington Post Columnist, writes an amazing article on Albert Haynesworth and how things should be worked out.

Here's an excerpt where she compares this to a similar situation with John Elway:
"It's upsetting for fans, because of the size of Haynesworth's talent and apparent ingratitude. But it's not an uncommon standoff in the NFL. In 1983, remember, John Elway used a similar ploy when he was drafted by the Baltimore Colts, a team he refused to play for because he didn't trust them to use him right. He threatened to sit out and play baseball, and his bluff forced a trade to the Broncos. You could call that selfish, or you could call it savvy and self-protective."

If someone is stupid enough to pay me a million dollars for a weeks work, Im not stupid enough to turn it down. - Elizabeth Taylor

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