Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top 5 Things That Make a Woman Sexy

In today's society, a woman's sexiness has been downplayed or categorized by who has the biggest ass and nicest rack. Sad but true. Ass, breast, face (in that order) usually sets the level of how sexy a woman is. So with that said, I can't blame women for trying to buy clothes that show off these features when some feel like they have to compete with others who have gotten ass implants, breast implants, etc.

To give you all a little hope, there are SOME of us who do not judge women by those characteristics. I'm here to bring you the top five SEXIEST features of a woman and NONE of them are physical. Find a man who goes by this list and you just might find the man of your dreams.

1. If she has a nice personality - there's nothing like a woman with a nice personality. We all know someone who is just glowing every time we see them. Someone who can get along with anyone. A personality can be the difference in whether WE want to continue seeing you or not!

2. If she's a listener - when you've had a bad day and she asks you 'What's wrong?' And REALLY MEANS IT, you have yourself a keeper. Nowadays everybody wants to talk and be heard, its only a few left who not only listens but WANTS to listen to every word you say, no matter how boring you really are :)

3. If she can hold a conversation - when you're on a date, out of nowhere, just bring up a random topic like, 'You know we're suppose to have a Red Moon tonight?' If she says, 'ooh ok, so what would you like to order?' Tell her "it was nice meeting you and have a nice life." We do not expect women to be interested in everything we are but at least to the point where they would like to know more.

4. If she loves kids - Some guys get scared of this one. They think if a female says this or shows this, it means they are trying to trap them with 4 or 5 kids. Not even close! This shows another side of them. Caring, loving, protection, these are the things you would like for her to feel about you down the road. Find me a woman who loves kids and I'll show you a woman you can take home to mom.

5. If she can't cook but tries. NOW THIS RIGHT HERE!!!!! Sexiest of ALL. A lot of women want to be that type who gets in the kitchen and throws down for her man, that's all good but its nothing sexier than seeing a female in the kitchen reading instructions, measuring ingredients, trying to put together a dish she has no idea of preparing for this guy she cares about so much in the next room only because she doesn't want to make the regular fried chicken and macaroni. Trust me, nothing sexier.

Now how many of these qualities do you possess? Here's my rate sheet:

1/5 - you prolly got a man but you're not happy because he treats you like nothing
2/5 - you prolly have a man as well but you think its all about you
3/5 - you're prolly just gotten out of a relationship because you finally found out what you wanted and he didn't measure up
4/5 - you've gotten your life together and just waiting for Mr. Right to come along
5/5 - you should have the man of your dreams, if not, you're dating below your standards.



  1. Nice post. Not amused with your rate sheet though.

  2. You know I love this post, right? And I actually find the rate sheet amusing, even though it's not necessarily accurate. At least it wasn't anything misogynistic. :P

    I think there are ladies who fall within these assumptions, as I can think back a name a few in my head right now.

    With the 5/5 rate though, there's no "man of your dreams". There's the "mister good enough". Meaning, no one person has every single characteristic you WANT, but neither do you have everything single characteristic the the opposite sex wants. It's about getting rid of those "lists" and going into new situations with a clear head and minimal expectations. I think when you leave pressure (for the next person to be your everything) out the door, you appreciate all that that person IS and can be to you(and vice versa).

    And not having met THAT person doesn't mean you're dating below your standards(not always....;)). May just mean you've yet to have that strong of a connection to anyone enough to trust being in something more substantive. That's actually not a bad thing. It's better to be in one healthy, loving relationship after taking your time, than rushing into a string of emotionally-draining relationships.

  3. nice points but all of these are secondary attractions. we are attracted to what we can physically see. i never once walk in the the room and saw a woman and said "Dayum her personality is bangin'!"
    with that said, the aforementioned traits are things you would want your mate to have in a long term relationship. although i can't agree with you on #5 [she must be able to cook, point-blank-period].

  4. @deejai true to a certain extent but I feel physical attractions are just that, physical. That attracts me to them of course but doesnt turn me on as much as the others. And by turn me on I don't mean getting a boner lol..

    And if I female can cook, that's great, but if she can't and she tries, that means alot. Im sure she would probably offer you crackers and viena sausages if she didn't care about you at all