Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's put an end to it...PERIOD.

I apologize to those who come to my blog to look at sexy women and to get free relationship advice but I had to address this one issue at the moment. If you have listened to music lately, I'm sure you have heard this new "rap style" that has been adopted by Drake, which was STOLE from Big Sean. It happens when a rapper recites an entire line FIRST, then adds the noun for which it stands at the end of the sentence. Here are a few you've probably noticed so far.

"In your city faded off the brown, Nino"
"Swimming in the money come and find me, Nemo"
"I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone"

I was going to let this slide at first, but song after song after song I keep hearing this type of flow and it is killing me. What about these?

"It's going down, basement" - Nicki Minaj

"Coming down the street like a parade, MACYS"
"I fill her up, BALLOONS"

What really killed it for me is when I heard JAY-Z use it. Yes, the God MC. The one who rapped "Too lazy to make up shit, they crazy, they dont paint pictures, they just trace me..." Really, they trace YOU? Now you using this same flow on the Under Pressure song with Dr. Dre.

"Got me bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas"
-Jay Z

Lets not talk about Lil Wayne running this into the ground, along with the rest of Young Money.

"Mommy do you remember the time, Michael Jackson"
"Im bout to make her sweat, sauna"
"Im in too deep, Nia Long"


I've been thinking very hard to see if I have used this flow on anything recently and I haven't came across it yet but PLEEEEAAASSSEEE let me know if you find a song I recorded with this type of rap style. I will kindly do it over and give you a shout out on it as well. Can we end this once and for all?

Ok, now back to sexy women and FREE RELATIONSHIP ADVICE ;-)

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