Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Freddie Mac
Thank You All: The Appreciation Project

A week late but most certainly worth the wait, Freddie Mac, www.WhatTheCoolPeopleRead.com, and JackMobb brings you the "Thank You All Mixtape," as promised. 17 new unheard tracks featuring some of the hottest artist in the game at the moment, including PHZ_Sicks, Product The Spic, Trey Lova and more..

Mixed with a few freestyles, original tracks, and a couple sessions of Lollygaggin in the studio, this is a MUST-DOWNLOAD project. We're hoping that you all enjoy this and it holds you over until the next official Freddie Mac project is released this summer.

Once again Thank You All for the support, kind words, comments, and love that has been shown throughout these years. You're all appreciaaaated. Tracklisting below..

Download Thank You All: The Appreciation Project

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