Friday, June 25, 2010

Remember when #FollowFriday use to be cool? Me either!

The good ole Follow Friday (or as the twitter veterans call it, #FF). Yes, a few years ago, seems like ages, #FF took the twitter world by storm on one lonely Friday morning. Yes, this was a way to show those who were new to this thing we call twitter, some interesting people they should follow. What started off as a great way to meet others and learn fun facts about people who had the same hobbies as you, has turned out to just be a self gratification tool for some who are running low on their REAL life friends. Click the link for further explanation before you start cursing me out about you having friends in the real world and all that...

There is NOTHING wrong with #FF IF USED CORRECTLY. From what I have seen over the past few months, are people suggesting we follow certain people but not telling us why! See below:


Then you have some who go through their entire follow list (who actually has the time for this) and suggest we follow as many names as they can fit into 140 characters. Some are genuine, maybe. Some do it for the famous "Thank you for the #FF love" @reply:

So we should follow ALL of them huh? Ok, gotcha.

Theeen, you have the famous RETWEET of #FF. Mostly because your name was included. Now, THIS ONE, I have yet to figure out. I may participate in a lot of fcukey on twitter but THIS ONE, you'll never catch me in the act of doing. Check my history if you would like:


So from now on, if participating in a #FF, please let us know why we should be following a certain person. I, myself, have never started following a person from a #FF. Naked twitpics maybe, but not solely off a #FF:


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